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Wither, Rapid Park

February 26, 2007 1:07 PM

RIP Twins Ballpark (2006-2007)

Ah, Rapid Park, we hardly knew ye.

Admittedly, the body is not yet cold, but there's a definite stench. This deal has gone sour faster and deeper than anyone probably could have imagined back in those halcyon bill-passing and signing days of just last May. Who would've guessed that, not even two months into the new tax, everything would be this close to going bust?

I'm starting to collect and document ideas for new ballpark sites -- assuming the Twins will eventually have to slink back to the Legislature. There are plenty of ideas, many of which are better than anything we ever heard during the years of debate. I'll get around to those in the next few days.

Meanwhile, let's consider how this all will end: in court, of course.

Representatives from Land Partners II have talked openly about their fear of being sued by some of their minority shareholders. They've said nothing, however, about the likelihood of being sued by someone else if the whole thing crumbles. Oh, there will be lawsuits. So, let's ponder for a moment just who may want to sue Land Partners II during the autopsy of this particular ballpark deal.

1. Hennepin County -- It's one thing to have a deal go bad, but quite another when you've invested months in engineering, EIS, site planning, and urban design based on good faith assumptions about your partners. I'm not sure what kind of documentation the county has, but I bet their lawyers can make a pretty good case for having LPII foot some of the bill for all of this work.

2. The Twins -- They may not have a dog in this ownership fight (at least technically), but they have already invested presumably millions in creating a design which is specific to that location. They were all ready to unveil their master plan when everything turned sour. If no stadium is built on the Rapid Park site, the team will have to discard almost everything -- even if a stadium is to be built somewhere else. Do you think they're just going to quietly eat those costs?

3. Metro Transit -- It's unclear how much they have spent, but planning any extension to the LRT can't be cheap. Though they'll probably want the extension someday anyway, they've been working under the assumption that everything (including changing the height of the bridge deck) was dependent on the ballpark. Without that, their plans will have to be scrapped. Who's going to pay for that?

4. Land Partners II Minority Shareholders -- They may want to sue no matter what happens. If they perceive that the sale price was too low, they can sue (the scenario currently being publicly dreaded). But if the deal doesn't happen at all, and their magical carriage ride to ballpark riches turns back into a parking pumpkin, they'll probably be pretty cranky about all the lost potential earnings. Realistically, without a stadium, the land probably will not be developed at all -- nor will any of the properties they own nearby. Who are they going to blame for that loss, and what will they do about it?

That's just a few to ponder. We probably should also mention the City of Minneapolis, the Met Council, Burlington Northern Railroad, MnDOT, the Ballpark Authority, Major League Baseball. the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, other landowners in the area, and who knows who else.

Maybe none of these parties has any basis for a lawsuit. After all, there's apparently nothing on paper anywhere. Everything was done based on assumptions and handshakes. But assumptions and handshakes have proven costly in other cases, and won't it be expensive for the LPII management to find out what a court thinks about it all? This should probably figure into their negotiations -- if they do decide to negotiate.

As fans of the Twins, and fans of ballparks in general, these could be the darkest days we've yet faced. The Metrodome is not a long-term option, which means that something else has to happen. Whenever I try to go through in my mind what that "something else" may be, I get the shivers. None of it looks good.

Last night I saw a clip on some crime show of the start of an autopsy during which the examiner discovered that the body (played by Ron Silver) was still -- just barely -- alive. It seemed like a laughably absurd premise, but it was riveting TV (for a couple of minutes, at least). Here's hoping this autopsy is likewise premature.


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Ah yes, the age of frivolous law suits. Of course if there's ever a possibility of being sued, LPII should do everything in their power to avoid it, regardless of their own fiduciary duty to themselves and their investors. Perhaps while we're at it, we should tell Caribou to stop serving hot coffee incase one of their patrons should happen to spill it on themselves (a la the McDonald's case years back).

Posted on February 28, 2007 at 11:02 AM by Ralph the Dog Highlight this comment 1

Some might say that "fiduciary duty to themselves and their investors" includes avoiding getting sued, frivolously or otherwise...

Posted on February 28, 2007 at 3:08 PM by Rick 2

Be sure to include the Sears site in St. Paul when exploring other sites. It has enough space, future mass transit and spectacular views of the state capitol.

Posted on February 28, 2007 at 3:18 PM by Jiminstpaul Highlight this comment 3

I love Minnesota! This *@#$ just doesn't happen anywhere else. Short sighted everyone... Way to blow it HC. Build it in St Paul for opening in 2025.

Posted on February 28, 2007 at 6:01 PM by JK Highlight this comment 4

One would could safely say that all liscensed drivers wish to avoid accidents- does this mean we should all choose to walk every where? Certainly not. When making decisions we must always wiegh the risks, certainly every conceivable human action brings with it the possibility of harm to oneself and others, and yet no one voluntarily chooses to be put in a coma, so that they may safely live out the rest of their lives and avoid causing uneccesary harm. It would be irresponsible even to let such fear control your actions. If every business made every decision based on fear of being sued, no one would make any money.

Posted on March 1, 2007 at 12:49 PM by Ralph the Dog Highlight this comment 5

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